We all know the importance of competition specially in e-commerce markets as it makes each market show the best of its products, prices, and services here comes our app which makes a competitive environment between housewares Stores. The app allows customers to see the best stores, products and discounts to help them choose the best quality and price while also help stores to add and edit products easily with different colors and sizes and show them some statistics about their performance and rating to keep them in the competitive seen. It also provides chatting between customers and stores with notification system for chatting between them. All of this is contained within one app. Housewares is created using the JavaScript-based ReactJS framework for the web and React Native for mobile devices. Additionally, it has a NodeJS application programming interface (API) that supports the database management and core application functionality. It employs two different types of databases: a NoSQL database (MongoDB) is used to store the application's core data (products, accounts, ratings, and payments), and Firebase Firestore is used to handle real-time functionality like chat messages and notifi