Regional Planning for Qalqilia Governorate

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Sabri, Bara'
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The purpose of this study is to study Qalqiliya Governorate and to diagnose the current situation at all levels of development and to know the potential, opportunities, problems and challenges in the governorate to come up with urban planning policies that promote the governorate and contribute to its development in an integrated manner. To achieve the objectives of the study, the descriptive method of analysis are followed , based on the research and studies of the governorate and regional planning, through a proper planning methodology based on diagnosis and analysis of the status to reach the appropriate directions and development possibilities. Several results were obtained from this study, the most important of which are: • Access to a fully integrated agricultural and economic agricultural territory and the exploitation of resources available in the governorate that contribute to reaching the desired end . • After implementing this plan, the governorate will be more self-reliant and more intergration between its urban communities and the formation of an integrated governorate in all respects