Causes of disputes

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Mutasem salman
Tha’er qashou
Ali jamous
Jasser dwiekat
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The project aims to minimize the causes of disputes between the owners and contractors. Since there are numerous conflicts between them, and each part hopes to achieve his aspiration. The contractor proceeds several activities which makes contact with owner or his representative. The significance of this project appears when the contractors be aware of the main reasons that lead to disputes between them. Several causes make the disputes between contractor and owner. Disputes could be resulted from contractors or owners, and other caused by nature in general, when the contractor being familiar with the causes of disputes he will take all the precautions to avoid these causes of disputes in order to avoid any losses due to these disputes. This project will focus of the causes of disputes to make all parties familiar with these causes of disputes in order to minimize or to eliminate if possible. The avoidance of disputes is very beneficial especially for the contractor to avoid the loss of money, time and the most important" his reputation". To achieve this aim, several activities should be proceeding, such as gathering and analyze data relating to the causes of disputes to make a reasonable treatment to avoid such disputes. The familiarity of the meaning of disputes for the parties leads to avoidance of conflicting matters, so it encourages and activates the process of the project that aims to avoid the causes of losses, especially for contractors. Therefore, the significance of awareness of disputes will be highlighted in this project to avoid potential conflicts and disputes. A combination of environmental and behavioral factors can lead to construction disputes. Projects are usually long-term transactions with high uncertainty and complexity, and it is impossible to resolve every detail and foresee every contingency at the outset. As a result, situations often arise that are not clearly addressed by the contract. The basic factors that drive the development of construction disputes are uncertainty, contractual problems, and behavior. To achieve this objective the following activities proposed to be done: Gathering data about the causing of disputes, Designing the layout of questionnaire, Analyzing the questionnaire, Selecting the most problems may occurs or frequent, Searching about the solutions, Making a computerize Software