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Nasasrah, Amani
Awad, Enas
Yamin, Shadia
Ghanim, Sondos
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With the development of life and the circumstance of the different working hours among society members , our needs ask to create a separate buildings take care of children and response for their needs ; our proposal project will be approximately the first kindergarten officially and out of traditionally one take care of the ages between 1-5 years old . This project is design as environmental kindergarten ,so that the building is in a healthy area reached by sunlight ,fresh air and far out for industrial areas .It favored the establishment of the building of places of residential areas. To achieve these objectives the research was done on a literature reviews as first , then a case study analysis to understand how such types of buildings work , in addition to that , site analysis will be done , to finalize the project with its proposed program , in addition to the schematic architectural ,mechanical , environmental and structural aspects . the architectural design will attends with the direction and the distribution of the spaces . in the structural design , the structure will be designed using computer software . the heating recovery and good ventilation will be designed through environmental design . Finally , a report with calculations drawings and tables will be submitted