Get Me Taxi

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Mohammad Al Awad
Fathi Hindi
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Get Me Taxi is a Mobile application that provide services to passengers and taxi drivers .The Get Me Taxi connects between passengers and taxi drivers using GPS system and enable passengers to order a taxi with their Smartphone .The application show to passengers taxies nearby to his location the project has two parts the first one is an application run on mobile device and the second is a web application. The importance of this application is user booking and managing done in quick easy, and saving the time and hassle, and this project make you stay in control with this real-time Mobile application you can book, track and get alerts .The main objectives of this project is to show  the nearby taxies to user location on map and enable user to order a taxi and tracking the arrival of the taxi and its fare. We will develop this application in order to work on mobile devices so we will use a mobile development language and for the web application part we will use HTML5,JavaScript, and CSS for developing front-end and PHP, MySQL database for back-end of the web application.