Water Resource Management for Maythaloon JSC

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Maen Salah Sulaiman
Waleed Saleh Rabayaa
Muhib Jamil Ghannam
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Objetive  The aim of this project is to analyze Maythaloon JSC water supply network and resources system through the determination of future water demand for municipal needs . this includes domestic ,commercial ,puplic and industrial needs.  Based on these needs estimation any future development on water resources and conveyance system will be analyzed and designed for short ,medium and long term of the planning horizon( 2018 ,2023 and 2033).   Study Area Maythaloon JSC is located south east of Jenin government. It covers the boundaries of Maythaloon JSC.This includes six local government units (LGUS). Those are (Maythaloon ,Siris ,Jarba ,Sir ,Judaydeh and Misilyah. The area has a population of 28000 Capita. All these localities have a water distribution network that receives water from Maythaloon well. The most important Socie-Economic sector is agriculture. Main Tasks The main tasks to be conducted in this project can be summarized in the following main points:-   (a)- Select study area.   (b)- Collect data about study area. This include:-           - Topographic map.           - Water network map.           - Population and their distribution.           - Data about water resources and consumption.   (c)- Analyze existing conditions.   (d)- Estimate future municipal water demand.   (e)- Determine water deficit.   (f)- Propose additional potential water supply and the needed resources of water.   (g)- Design the needed infrastructure (conveyance lines, reservoirs, and             pumping stations).   (h)- Cost estimates and phasing of the investment. The Main Outcome  In addition to the analysis of the existing conditions, an investment plan that includes the needed additional investment to cope with increased demand and population, were developed.