Warehouses Redesign to Al-Zalmout Distribution Co

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Wafa Zetawi
Hazar Bani-Shamseh
Haneen Rabaya
Hanan Yameen
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Warehouses contain raw materials, WIP inventory, finished goods, supplies, and possibly repair parts. As with other elements in a distribution system, the objective of warehouses is to minimize cost, maximize customer service, and maximize productivity. Zalmout is one of the leading companies in Palestine in the area of import and distribution of food of various kinds. Therefore, it has warehouses to save the goods until distribution.   This project aims at solving the existing problems in the storage system which  are mainly in lack of modern storage system and products are stored in a random manner this mean the existence of the risk of damage to the goods and long duration that require to obtain them.    To solve the problems that have been put forward previously, the team  will redesign a storage system by collecting and documenting information and observations in the stores and their causes and effects on the work then using tools and methods to redesign storage system. Many methods can be used to create the system such as handling system, ABC system for goods, cost analysis and industrial automation system.   
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