Rehabilitation Center for disabled

dc.contributor.advisorFadi A. Fatayer
dc.contributor.authorMohammad Nori
dc.contributor.authorIyad Hannon
dc.contributor.authorIyad Abd-Alhafez
dc.description.abstract  The importance of the disables project is due to lots of disabilities and injuries among groups in society as a result of political events. These groups of people need to be integrated into their society through such centers. The main objectives of this project are: To build an integrated center, such center should have perfect Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Environmental. And to avoid any problems that faced the previous projects during operating and maintenance stage by applying maintainability guideline during the design stage. In the project we faced various problems such as architectural , structural , electrical and mechanical problems , but we solved these problems as it is  mentioned above at the end of each chapter. Finally we could maintain and operate the buildingen
dc.titleRehabilitation Center for disableden
dc.typeGraduation Project
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