Our Chance

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Ihda’a, Dweikat
Marah, HajMohmad
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Our Chance is a website which helps people, especially student to find training or job and to contact directly with the company and to know more about this company. From our experience in training course and the difficulties that faced to find a company so we decide to help the student to find best company with the best location for them and don’t face the same problem and have the best result in an easy way. This project know have only one subsystem “website” which keeps all members fully informed about the latest advertisement of the company who followed it, and help them in search with specific information to reach the best job for them, member can email job that company added to another friend which may be useful for it, also can leave a comment or send message to company to make contact to achieve this job. Also, members can show every job that company uploads it .however the visitor who not registries can make the search but cannot make email, send massages, comment, and see the description of the job. The company has many activities First it can upload job to make easy for anyone to find the best employee for it, Second it put all advertisements so this help it to deliver their product and services to all members, third communication with a person by the message that our website supports it.