Design foundation of a multi story building

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Mohammed Shalabi
Ahmed Alqasarwi
Iman Bani Shamseh
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Nablus City is one of the important cities in Palestine. It has a significant location which there are many buildings and huge structures to live in it .Therefore, the importance of its location will attract people to build and live since of its site which connects between many cities like, Tulkarem, Jennin and others. With no doubt, one of the important building in Nablus is Al-Wasef structure which located near to Al-Basateen region which lies at the middle of Nablus, so this site is important site in this city and we want to design foundation for this structure . In this project we choose to study this structure for several reasons, one of them is that there is problem in this site in soil called problematic soil, another thing is to design foundation for this structure to carry it to build it in order to live in it .  After that we calculate the structural loads in columns in order to carry the building and design the foundation by using pile and mat foundation and compare between the results. The soil of this site has a bearing capacity of (25 ton m) and we use the design of footing using reinforcement to reduce cracks and distribute the load by a larger area . Finally, we decide to design the foundation to support this structure in order to be in safe side and people live happily, because if we do any mistake, the structure may fail and people live in it will die, so we must use the suitable footing .