Analysis and Design Of The Sewer Newtok & Storm Water Collection Network For Maythaloon Village

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Emad yahya
Anas Jarrar
Nasr Abu Qayyas
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Water is one of the essential requirements of life, drinking, irrigation, recreation and washing .The resources of water in Palestine are limited so it is an important thing to design collection networks in order to be able to reuse the waste water and collect the storm water. In Palestine most of communities are not covered with sewer and storm water collection networks. Generally wastewater is collected by septic tanks that lead to negative effects on the ground water, surface water, plants and air. Also, storm water generates problems specifically for infrastructures and that might lead to floods which affect the lands and human. This project focuses on Maythaloon village which locates in eastern south of Jenin district which suffers from lacking of sewer network and flooding due to rainfall. The main objective of this project is to analyses and design of sewer network and storm water collection network for Maythaloon village to improve the status. In order to achieve the above objectives, the following steps will be the methodology for the project: 1-     Collect data about the study area which include: contour maps, roads layout, houses distribution, population, average water consumption, water resource and average annual rainfall data. 2-     Analyze this data. 3-     Design suitable network (sewer and storm) using computer softwares (sewer and storm CAD) to facilitate the work. In project 1, the wastewater collection network was analyzed, after that the Sewer CAD was used to simulate the network, the software was provided with the suitable needed data, the status was good expect some problems related to constrains such as cover and velocities. In project 2, the problems mentioned before were solved in wastewater collection network, and successfully finished; the next step was to analyze the data of storm collection network then using Storm CAD to easily simulate the network using the specific data for the watershed. In the sewer network all the pipes of UPVC material are used with 8in diameter is needed. But in the storm network the pipes of concrete material with 8-36 in diameter are needed.
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