Cultivation of Calendula Herb and Formulation of Calendula Products

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“Haj Yousef”, Amani
Saleem, Azeeza
Alhamad, Muna
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Abstract: The main idea of this graduation project is the production of a cream of the petals of the Calendula plant. Calendulais a daisy plant and is considered one of the most famous plants used in the West and is known as pot marigold and scientifically as calendula officinalis. It is of the compound platoon. It prefers full sun but will tolerate light shade in warmer areas and needs compost-rich soil,an ample amount of water, it also blooms in all season. The used part of the Calendula is its beautiful orange blossoms and the original habitat of this plant is southern Europe.It is a herbaceous plant that grows in orchards and road limbs. Its height is 40 to 60 cm. Its oval leaves are serrated and covered with fine hairs, and the flowers are yellow or orange. Calendula Flowers and plants contain trichinobacteria of 2% to 10% and glucosides A, B, C, D, H, g, mono, pseudosidic, or linoleic acid.It also contains three triglycerides, which are numerous, as well as flavonoids of 03 to 08%, including isothamline and quirstine. It also features a Korotonidat important compound where U Tin Zaakthein. As well as containing dihydroxtcomarin such as scopolitine, ampiplorden and escicolatein. As well as pilot oil ratio, 02% and the most important compound of fakadenol, as well as various materials, sugar, gelatin and resinous materials. It has been shown that Calendula is anti-inflammatory,a body toxin remover, it dehydrates muscle spasm and clogs, it prevents bleeding, heal wounds and antiseptic,. The resin materials are anti-fungi, anti-bacterial and viruses. It also captures capillaries and this explains the effectiveness of the wounds and varicose veins and various inflammatory conditions. Flowers are used to treat rotting wounds, incurable sores and varicose veins, and to treat hemorrhoids and congestion in the toes from the impact of cold.Calendulais considered to be the best recipe for dermatological diseases and is used as a good treatment for burns, wounds, skin infections, and sunburn. Its effect on the digestive system has been proved;Calendula’s dye is used as well as anti-inflammatory, including the ulcer of the twelve intestines and colon. Calendulais also a good cleanser for liver and gallbladder and can be used to treat the problems of these two organs.