One Tap Trade

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Abu Obaid, Ameer
Mansour, Emad
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A commercial site that brings together sellers and buyers from Palestine in one place, where they can buy, sell and exchange goods of various kinds quickly and easily, as on the one hand it provides the seller with a large number of potential customers, and on the other hand it provides the customer with various options in order to choose the product or commodity he wants in a way that suits him. Anyone on the site can be a seller or buyer, and in this regard, the project will enhance the opportunities available to individuals or small companies to grow and develop and in that also push the wheel of the economy forward. Sales on the site are sales from the consumer to the consumer as well as from companies to the consumer, and profit is made in several ways, such as a commission on the sales and purchases that take place between the parties, advertisements that are placed inside the site, and delivery commissions.