Structural Re-Design of Qaresh Building

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Bashar Hanoun
Mohammed Samaneh
Razan Sharqawi
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The stage of the structural design is the most important stage in our part of studying ,since the main idea in the project is to re-design an already designed building .This stage (designing stage ) comes directly after the architectural design ,which needs an adequate knowledge in understanding and reading architectural drawings; so the structural design meets the architectural design requirements in which the terms of the distribution of columns and bridges and the choice of slab systems appropriate to the nature of use and the required security and economic determinants . This report contains the study and the structural design of commercial residential building consisting of 10 floors containing many activities with a total area of 5078.70 square meters. The project is studied and designed on the basis of availability of the aesthetic and functional requirements that summarize the residential and commercial use. In this type of projects , it is characterized by its wide spread in our local community and was chosen to study and design the importance of providing a structural system with a high degree of safety and operational durability and the lowest economic cost for this type of project .The American code ACI318-14 and UBC-97 will be used in analysis and structural design .Also , other programs will be used such as :(AutoCAD, ETABS, SAFE ) .The project will include a detailed construction study from identifying and analyzing the structural elements and the various expected loads and then the structural design of the elements and preparing executive plans based on the design prepared for all the elements that are the building structures of the building , it is expected after the completion of the project that we will be able to provide the structural design of all the structural elements