By-Pass Roads Effects On The Physical Environment In The West Bank

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Adeeb Ibrahim Suleiman
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During the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank, many physical actions were done on the land. Constructing By-pass roads by Israel in the West Bank is one of these actions. By-pass roads and Settlements are jointly going on in the West Bank, so as to create new facts on the Palestinian ground in the West Bank. This research studies the effects of the By-pass roads on the main fields of the Palestinians life especially on the physical environment of the West Bank. Data about By-pass roads lengths, areas and location were collected and analyzed. Questionnaire, statistics, maps and field visits were used for analyzing the By-pas roads effects. In general it was found that there is a relationship between By-pass roads and Settlements. These two actions succeeded in creating Israeli facts on the West Bank land. So the future of this land is not clear, many fields were affected by the construction of the By-pass roads, such as physical planning, urban development, land use, agricultural lands, economic and environment even the social life of the Palestinians was affected.
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