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dc.contributor.advisorAladdin Masri
dc.contributor.advisorAshraf Armoush
dc.contributor.authorRania Sabra
dc.contributor.authorDeema Zayed
dc.description.abstractIf we look around we can see the huge and significant place that Smart phones and their applications take in our life, in markets schools universities and homes, users of these applications can reach their requested data and perform their tasks easily. So, we came with this project to take care of the most important part of these users  which are mothers and their babies to take care of them and provide all the needed info to give mothers the safest way to pass the pregnancy period and take care of their babies to grow them healthy and actively. Our Idea will take care of the Arabic users mothers and their babies by creating IOS application available for our beloved users, this application will have nice, simple, and clear design to reach mostly all the users expected needs, it will give follow up for mother pregnancy periods, the needs of each of them and how the mother will act to be with her baby in and after his birth. We will firstly collect the needed information for all the available resources internet, interviews .etc, then we will start the development process to provide all the functionalities perfectly at the same time of making nice and user friendly design. And finally we will perform test with end users to be sure it is suitable as we aim. As IOS and Android this is the first time it will be done in Arabic with the features we provide.en
dc.titleIOS Mobile Application-en
dc.typeGraduation Project
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