Rehabilitation for Anabta Village

Regeneration of the historical center of the town of Anabta project comes as a continuation of the first phase which was preparing a Strategic development framework plan (SDF) for the area (north-west of Nablus - Tulkarm northeast). Since the revival of the historic center of the town of Anabta policy comes as part of the trends and strategies that emerged from the SDF. As these five communities in this region (Sebastia, Borqa, Masu’diya, Anabta, Bala) linked, whether historical, natural, common social. However, each community is characterized by specific features that distinguish it from the rest of the five communities, and this would give the uniqueness and independence of each part of this group within the general framework that unites these five communities. Regarding the Anabta village, this town, in addition to being located near Tulkarm while the Sabastya and Borqa are located in Nablus, it is worth noting that the importance of being socially Anabta emerge cultural center economically throughout history. They are not gaining importance as containing archaeological and historical sites, as is the case in Sebastia, but their importance gained by the vital position on the road link between the cities of Nablus and Tulkarem (Nablus Street - Tulkarm), which gained an advantage the fact that this main street runs through the town and the consequent revitalization of the movement of trade and economy in the town. Furthermore it accepted the cultural background of the people of the town of Anabta who always appeared them flags, writers, poets and intellectuals throughout history the likes of poet Abdel Rahim Mahmoud. Still the historic center of the town, which represents the historical root of Anabta village, a witness to the history of this town. Despite the neglect and lack of interest in the premises of the center as the (old buildings unfit for any form of development), the historic center of the old Bembanah and its vital and important historical cultural considered one of the most important elements of development that must be tapped through the preservation and development, and this is what aims to him to revive the project the historic center in the town of Anabta, as this project will bring development and operation of the historic center commensurate with the spirit of the town while maintaining bug identity, history and treasures through several development projects proposal in several areas to achieve this goal.