Automatic Burgar Machine

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Yazan Haj-Hasan
Omar Zaatar
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Because of the booming fast food and restaurant industry in Palestine, butchers are seeing an increase in demand for burgers in particular. The manual force makes around 100 burgers per hour with low quality, varying weight, and low precision, but the machine produces about 500- 2000 burgers per hour with high accuracy and weight, and there is also a significant cost for importing such burger making machine from other countries such as China, Germany, and Turkey. Manufacturing such a machine domestically will be far less expensive and easier to maintain in the Future. In order to satisfy the needs of the local market for such machines, a model of an affordable burger-making machine is designed and fabricated in this project, the model was produced for the benefit of a local Butchery shop in Qalqilya city called (The butchery of Qalqilya), who provided the financial support under ABET agreement template. In this project, the design and manufacturing of the Automatic Burger Machine was completed, several problems were overcome, and the market was researched in West Bank cities, including butcheries and restaurants because they are the main targets customers. Solidworks program was used in the conceptual design then it was also used for the final Design for Manufacturing model. The Design of the final model was completed and delivered to a local manufacturing company (National manufacturing Company) to fabricate the machine under an agreement signed by the beneficiary (Butchery of Qalqilya) and the manufacturer; the agreement gave the project team the permeation to participate in the manufacturing process, and assembly of the control system for the machine. The obtained machine is able to produce high quality packed burger pieces with an adjustable production rate varying from 300-1000 piece per hour. The machine is standardized to give 100g burger with 13cm diameter and 8mm thickness, this standard size can be easily customized by changing the moulds size