Development of a Maintenance Management System at AL ARZ Ice Cream Factory

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Habayeb, Raghad
Abu Basha, Mahran
Awadeh, Nidal
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The Palestinian industrial sector faces many problems that threaten its presence in the Palestinian markets including the possibility of losing competitive advantages in the global market. Many factories face different maintenance problems, Palestinian factories lack the so-called maintenance management. Maintenance aims to track and monitor maintenance operations as well as to monitor and manage spare parts and inventory. The maintenance role does not stop here, Maintenance helps to manage and determine the procurement process based on the spare parts needed for fixing the broken and faulty machines. This project aims at constructing a maintenance system at AL ARZ Ice Cream Factory, the project consists of many phases; the first phase is to provide the factory with maintenance reports to control, monitor and expect each failure before happening. These reports allow the maintenance department to check every machine to avoid unexpected failures and thus avoid any unnecessary stoppage. The second phase deals with the rearrangement of the spare parts which are located in a small room in the maintenance department and need to be put in the correct order by the use of coding systems and ABC analysis in which it allows us to determine and classify the spare parts, and hence building spare parts inventory management system. A Computerized Maintenance Management System was also applied to make it easier for the maintenance staff to build and deal with maintenance orders and to schedule maintenance and to manage the spare parts easily . A Reliability Analysis was constructed to help the workers determine the availability and reliability of the machines to help fixing the machines when they availability and reliability becomes low . By addressing this problem at Al-Arz, we can make general observations about the practical aspects of inventory control and build a maintenance system which will be able to increase the reliability of the machine, the availability and reduces the downtime. It will also build a base for documentation and improve this process.