Structural Design of A Residential Building (Monawer Building)

dc.contributor.authorMahdi Ahmad Abu Hatab
dc.contributor.authorRiyad Emad Arda
dc.contributor.authorMusab Budier
dc.description.abstract Problem Definition:This project deals with the analysis and design of a reinforced concrete a residential building in Nablus city, which is constructed of seven floors with an area of each floor of (300) m2, and basement floor with an area of 380m2, also, the design of a ramp to join the ground floor with basement floor for parking vehicles and the design of water tank of (192) m3  volume near the building.Objectives:a) Compiling of information which were studied in several years of studying and styling it in a study project.b)Analysis and assessment of an existing building.Main points of project:I.Analysis and design of  the following  structural elements:Slabs, Beams, Columns, Footings, Walls ,Stairs.  II.Dynamic analysis and design of building III.Analysis and design of water tankMethodology: The study of building will concentrate on the design of footings , columns , beams , slabs and water tank , taking into account the seismic effects and gravity loads . The design method used is the ultimate strength method.Firstly, a 1D analysis done by using computer program (SAP 2000 V.14.2) . This analysis will depend on ACI-08, Code, also Auto CAD program used to draw structural sections and steel distribution.Secondly, 3D analysis done by (SAP 2000 V.14.2) and the results obtained from the previous analysis compared together. Conclusion:After analyzing the building, shows us the seismic design is needed, so the design for earthquake done by SAP  Program by using Elcentro earthquake  which modified to building area properties , and the structural sections are drawn after design by using  Auto CAD  program to  be ready for implementation. en
dc.titleStructural Design of A Residential Building (Monawer Building)en
dc.typeGraduation Project
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