Limestone Furnace

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Osama Mabroukeh
Fawzi Qanaze
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The main objective of this project is to compare between some fuels to burn the limestone in order to get a limewash of a good quality. This experiment was performed by building a thermal furnace for this purpose. Among the report, the standard properties for the limestone is mentioned in addition to the calorific values of some common fuels. In general, the process of lime production consists of the four main steps: Mining, Sizing, Calcining and Hydrating, those processes can be formed in either small or large scale production of the limewash and they are being performed according to a cycle which is called the Limestone Cycle. We mentioned the materials and equipments which used in the experiment, also the procedure of performing this experiment as well as a comprehensive discussion of the potential risks & first aid procedure are included. The possible sources of errors and the comparison between the used fuels are discussed while important subjects like the process description and the emissions released from the combustion process are explained. The main conclusions and recommendations to improve the experiment results are mentioned in the last chapter.