Vibration Table Design For The Palestinian Construction Products Company

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Samir Lahlabat
Rana Hindia
Ibrahim Aqel
Talal Shakhshir
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The Palestinian Construction Products Company imported  a Vibrating Table machine from Italy to be used in their factory for dry mixture concrete molds ,and after the machine had been installed , they discovered some  problems after using this machine including : cracks in the vibrations table , increasing the intensity of the electric current causing the motors to turn off and some cracks in the vibrating table frames.In The Palestinian Construction Products Company they make various concrete products. Many of these products require the use  of a vibration table in order to remove  air and water trapped within the concrete. Removal of these voids improves the outside surface of  the molded concrete, and  also allows  the use of a lower water to cement ratio, allowing a much stronger finished product.The goal of this  project is to re-design The Vibrating Table in The Palestinian Construction Products Company that will meet the necessary requirements that they desire by eliminating the disadvantages that  is associated  with the current vibrating Table. This upgraded re-design will be used for  increasing the lifespan of the molds, reducing the w/c ratio in concrete, and improving the life span of the finished product. This vibration allows for an overall better finished .The methodology that will be used  by investigating the reasons behind the machine problems by conducting the needed calculations  for the re-design process that will help to solve or eliminate these problems ,that will lead to improve the machine efficiency to carry more weight  ( will be specified by the company ) and to save money(Running Cost) and time .