Smart Water HOme

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Quzaih, Firas
Samara, Lina
Abd Al-khaleq, Mesk
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Water is always a crucial part of everyday life. Due to global environmental situation, water management and conservation is vital for human survival. In recent times, there were huge needs of consumer based humanitarian projects that could be rapidly developed using Internet of Things (IoT) technology. The rapid change in human living has been caused by the unexpected development of information technology. In this project, we want to provide description of details of the water life cycle within each home. This house is more creative because it provides comfort to the owner of the house and the house is provided with sensors for measure the amount of water in tank, know if there is leakage in the tank, know details of consumption water, turn on or turn off the pumping of water on the water tank in case of a well in the home, notification will be appear when the water tank close to finish. The method that we can control the tank in the house is from the application by the owner of the house, so we can turn processes on or off, notification appear, the system gives some suggestions to the user, display the date of water cycles in each region, the monthly water bill from the owner of the house and data stored in Database.