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Hethnawi, Tala
Saadeh, Dyala
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The university's libraries are among the most important places that provide knowledge services to students and support all specialization and fields. However, the percentage of students who benefit from it is not large, due to their lack of knowledge of the library system, and how to reach the appropriate book in the least possible time resulting from the lack of suitable suggestions for the reader. The Corona pandemic also contributed to increasing the separation between students and the university library. Universities, like other educational institutions, were forced to close their doors most of the time, which made it more difficult to access the library. Najah Study Hub is a smart library mobile application that aims to help students reach the books they need or prefer without wasting time searching and get the best benefit from reading books. To reach these goals, this mobile app has a smart recommendation system that offers suggestions about books based on past borrowings, search process, and activities .The student will be encouraged to read the books suggested, because they are closed to him. Collaborative information by user-item interaction matrix what we use. Also, the app provides discussion groups which can be made by users about a specific topic or book, these groups allow for its members to make discussion conversations with each other about the group topic with the ability to upload files or photos to increase understanding and benefit. In addition, the application help students simply access the library; it provides the service of searching for a specific book (by name, author ...), submitting a borrowing request online. If a student borrows any book, the application will notify him when the borrowing period ends, this enables him to extend the reservation or return the book on time so that no fines will collect due to delay. Najah study hub application also provides a calendar page, in which the students can keep track of borrowing and delivery dates easily. To increase the benefit of the application, a notes section has been added to enable users to write notes and save important information. The application also provides a special website for officials and administration to manage library affairs easily. Therefore, the student will remain in full contact with the library, whether they are near or far, there is a closure or the university opens its doors.