Passive Villa

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Dana Saeed
Kamal Salhab
Mohammad Saeeri
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With the increasing prices of energy and the damage primary energy sources which are used in houses are doing to the environment in Palestine in multiple ways, in addition to high running costs of living in separated houses due to the high heating and cooling costs, the need for a more energy efficient and ecofriendly design is needed- a passive house. A passive house is a design standard which is being recognized worldwide as an energy efficient environmentally friendly high quality building design. Passive houses are buildings which make efficient use of the solar gain, internal heat sources and heat recovery systems to minimize the use of conventional heating systems in winter. And, in summer, these houses use passive cooling systems to stay comfortably cool without the need of traditional cooling systems. This results in energy savings which can reach to up to 90% of that for the traditional buildings, and in the ecological aspect since very little primary energy is used and therefore less emissions.  These houses have a high level of comfort resulting from the very little difference between the surface temperature of the surfaces in the room and the indoor temperature.  In addition to having highly insulated doors, windows, slabs and roofs which help maintain the room temperate as desired. In addition to this project being a passive villa, some smart technology will be added to complete the energy efficiency and comfort in the villa and to make the villa be a different passive villa. This aspect is added to make residents life more comfortable in the technological world development nowadays. This smart aspect is needed for more efficiency and comfortability in the house. It should be noted that this villa is not a smart villa, but it only has a smart aspect. The full design of all the systems was carried out during this study. All the calculations, plans, and drawings associated with the design will be provided.
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