Spread Cheese from Recycled Whey Protein

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Bsharat, Bayan
Jubran, Tamima
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In cheese making, casein forms the crud structure while whey proteins are lost in the whey. Whey proteins are well known for their high nutritional value and versatile functional properties in food products. The objective of this project is to develop an optimal recipe for manufacturingspread cheese with well-defined properties. In addition, the study aims also at extracting whey proteinfrom cheese waste water to be utilized in the production of the spread cheese. As a first step, Whey protein dispersions were prepared by heating cheese whey in water bath at 95°C for 45 minute, then removing excess serum and homogenizing part of the whey protein. Crudewas prepared from raw milk by heating up to 70 °C then add vinegar to separate milk component after that removing excess serum and homogenizing it. Several types of vinegar were investigated for the preparation of the spread cheese such as white vinegar, apple vinegar, grape vinegar and acetic acid. The results showed that the maximum amount of recovered crude was obtained with a pH of 5.6 by using white vinegar with viscosity equals to of 18011 mPa.s. Furthermore, the effect of the type and amount of vinegar on the final spread cheese product was investigated. It was we found that the white vinegar.is most appropriate one for the production of spread cheese in terms of taste and yield.The optimization process results in an optimal recipefor manufacturing spread cheese composed of raw milk (1000 ml), white vinegar (12 ml) and salt (2.5g)to obtain (105 g) of the final product. The pH and viscosity of the optimal spread cheese was approximately 5.68 and 18011 mPa.s. A questionnaire was conducted on a sample of 110 persons.The result shows that the majority of people rate our spread cheese as good for general taste , milk taste , structure ,odor, acidity and salt content and most importantly they would certainly buy it if it is offered in the local market.