New Layout and Operations Improvement for Al-Karawan Factory

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Abu-Hija, Rawan
Tammam, Masa
Zedan, Noor
Adnan, Ahmad
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Al-Karawan Factory for Tahina and Halawa was established in 1980. This factory witnessed several development stages from small factory in one site to large factory with two sites due to available areas limitations. The main factory is located in the city of Nablus and the second branch of the factory was established in the year 2013 in Hwarah. Al Karawan management decided to invest in a new factory instead of Hwarah branch. This decision was due to the many issues like Increasing demand and the necessity to expand the production lines and other facilities especially the stores and lab, Old random layout of the existing factory and Safety issues related to the old layout. Our project is looking to provide Al-Krawan factory with a new layout and processes management that is suitable for the working conditions to overcome the factory problem, to reduce the cost and increase productivity. This project is locking to solve these problems, by providing Al Karawan factory management with a suggested new layout using the most modern layout techniques. In addition, the project will provide the factory management with SOP for the order fulfilment process and better capacity to cover the factory demand. Generally, a new factory that overcome all the problems facing the current branch. This project will focus on preparing a suggestion solution for Al-Krawan factory including design a new layout for the new factory utilizing the main tools for this issue in addition to provide the management with SOPs for the orders fulfilment process, Risk management plan and safety management plan, and Inventory and stores management SOPs.