BIDYA Civic Center

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ABOUT this project is a key starting point taken from the development of the town of Biddya over recent years, with the rapid development of commercial services, and the increase in the population is noticeable the town needs more services buildings on a larger scale. This project meets the needs of the town of Biddya as well as many nearby villages such as: Qarawa Bani Hassan, Sarta, Masha, Zawiya and many other nearby villages. The objectives that the project seeks to achieve and meet: 1. Providing basic cultural and commercial services. 2. Raising the cultural, intellectual and developmental level. 3. Saving the wasted time and effort of the population. 4. Caring for young people who are considered the generation of development and advancement. 5.Encouraging the establishment of projects and investments that raise the level of the country. THE CONCEPT provide an environment and a safe place for all people in the area where the project is located, the place that contains all the multiple functions that serve the community is a public place where communication is between all people from different villages nearby, which creates places to gather in the project such as the main amphitheater located in the middle of the project, which is located between the lines of the contour, and the restaurant overlooking the runway, the lines of the project began to form the distribution of spaces and the way to reach them with the determination of the area where the main amphitheater is located at the beginning The project lines began to revolve around it, in addition to the influence of the contour lines on the site on the distribution of blanks, so the project took from the formation of the contour lines for it.