Fire Fighting Robot AML

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Abd Al Rahim Dardouk
Majd Abo Lebdeh
Lotfe Al Younes
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Fire can start in any remote area such as in the home, factory, commercial building and surrounding area which can cause loss of life for humans. The responsibility of the firefighter is to deal with fire accident, but the firefighter always exposed to higher risk when extinguishing the fire, such as in hazardous environments such as gas tanks and forests. When a fire occurs in narrow places or near to restricted building, which makes the task very difficult, so they explore the building and extinguish the fire. With all difficulties in fire extinguishment operation, Robotics is found a solution that assists to protect victims and firefighter in every hazard’s situation. All the aim for designing and building a firefighting robot was achieved through graduation project 2, Now AML can extinguish a fire without any intervention from firefighter, which keep him far from danger, so the robot has capability to fight a fire, Where the robot must be autonomously to make navigation for the building through the modelled plan for each floor in the building, where the robot deigned to reach a narrow spaces and reach a small location entry that human can’t reach to it easily. Two methods were used in the proposed robot. The first method was autonomous, where the robot will make deep search for a flame and extinguish the fire before it spread out and get out of control. The second method was remoted control that gave permissions for the fire fighter to control the robot. The Proposed Robot AML have used two microcontroller which is Arduino Mega and raspberry pi 3 model B. The sensors were used in the AML firefighting robot, such as ultrasonic were used to avoid obstacle objects. The flame sensor was used for fire detection. The gas sensor was used to measure the quality of air inside room, while Temp sensor was used to measure the temperature of the rooms. The AML robot have the capability to identify fire location and extinguish it automatically. The AML was programmed to find the fire location, while the supervisor of building can monitor the robot by using thermal camera which connected to computer and any smart devices. In graduation project 2 the robot AML firefighting achieved all goals, where the artificial intelligence was applied, and the model was got high performance after training the model and it was got accuracy till 98.35% and low losses.