The Convention And Exhibition Center

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The vision of the Palestine International Convention and Exhibition Center proposal was to create a strong intersection for economic sectors that are in the interest of the national economy, where this building is the economic destination for the call for investment from home and abroad. The project is located in Jericho in wadi al-Nuwaima area near Hisham Palace and the reason for the choice of Jericho city is the centrality of the city between Palestinian cities and being located on the land line with neighboring countries, which facilitates work on the international level as well as the fact that the city is considered the gateway of Palestine and many other reasons. The shape of the building, which consists of blocks with a tent-shaped cover, is due to several reasons: The symbol was to the tent as a new symbol in the call for investment in the country after what was the tent was a symbol of the fragmentation and loss of the homeland and the destruction of the economy in it because of the calamity that the people of the country got. The other reason is that the exterior of jericho's unique topography has been emulated by stripping lines of topography, which has given largely environmental solutions to cope with the harsh eriha climate. The project can be connected through the main street adjacent to it by the presence of spaces up to the parking lots on the edges of the project and pedestrian roads along the road up to the main square that reaches the center of the project, as there is a special area for public transport up through the road to the center of the project. The project was divided into several sections serving the main functions, namely the area of the conferences, meetings and exhibition area and was separated between the two blocks due to the medical of the land and this was a contributing factor in helping to serve a larger category of users where the project is not required to work as a whole but as part in achieving the desired goal of the user more efficiently. The conference and exhibition area is home to two main agencies, the first of which has a main stage with a capacity of more than 1,000 people and full services from interpretation, actor areas and auditions. The other blocks contain special meeting areas and rooms of all kinds and accommodate a variety of users. This part serves a project restaurant for users. On the other part of the project, there is a special exhibition area of more than 5,000 square meters of exhibition space and its organization of all kinds of trade, investment and other exhibitions at the internal and external level, as the area contains a small museum for the city to give a picture of the history of the city. The project is in the middle of a large square to receive visitors from all the city with green spaces and seats for visitors and there is an area near the exhibition area for the establishment of exhibitions outside. There is also a square in the upper area as the best view in the project contains restaurants and cafés for the members of the city working separately on the spaces of the project for the purpose of giving life at all times and serving all users.