Analysis and Design of An-Najah Modern Complex for Gravity and Dynamic Forces

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Mohammad Iramthat Jadallah
Emran Mohammad Janem
Omar Imad Rajab
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This project is structural analysis and design of a building of nine floors for commercial, offices and residential uses. The building is located in Beit Wazan Street - Nablus near the new campus of A-Najah National Universitys. The building has a total Area of 4928.33.The importance of the project for society is that it will serve people and students. For people the building will provide more shops which increase the trading in this region. Also, the building will provide shopping and residential area specialized for students. The project includes analysis and design of this building using intermediate sway frame systems against vertical and lateral loads. Design beams, slabs, foundation, columns, shear walls. This project will comprise two parts. In part 1, gather information about the project, loads, systems, etc., and carry out analysis and design for gravity loading.  Also, expect to have finished the 3D model for the building by the end of part 1. In part 2, expect to finish the final design of the building for dynamic loading, and also produce detailed structural drawings. The importance of the project for us is mainly to apply what learned in engineering courses including structural analysis and structural design courses. Also, gain more skills and experience in the analysis and design of real life problems and to use computer software like SAP2000 more efficiently for analysis. Other software might be used in this Project.  Use SAP2000 to analysis and design different structural elements and verify its results by hand calculations. The construction phases of project have started by Al Sadr Consultant Company in Nablus city. And Until this moment the floor 1 has been finished.  
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