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Aya Dwikat
Weam Obaid
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Our project is a cross-platform application that is designed to give children a fun and informative learning environment. Instead of downloading some pure fun applications or applications with a single purpose, and rather than wasting the leisure time in unuseful activities, a child can download our application where he will find many interesting educational games alongside amusing ones in a beautifully designed medium all together in one package.The project is important because its environment simulates the daily life of children, where they wake up, tidy up their rooms, brush their teeth, eat breakfast, get ready to go to school, etc. Moreover, The different games develop the child' senses and intelligent because they are full of colorful pictures, sounds, and animated images.The application consists of various scenes, each scene gives the ability to choose games and activities related to the scene itself. For example, in the childs bedroom scene, if the child wanted to play the coloring game, he will have to click on the games box, and when he does so, a new screen that contains different games will appear, where he will find the game he wanted to access.The developing procedure was divided into two parallel stages, the first stage is where we built the scenes basic structure, added the designed backgrounds, main character styles, background music, sound effects, and the various items, and specified the rules that control the main character movements between the scenes.The second stage comprises several increments, each increment represents a game, and each game has its interface, music, and logic.
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