Water Network for Hajjah Village

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Ameer Eid
Rana Jabir
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In graduation project 2 we studied and and analyzed the old water network in hajja village , and we studied the geologic of the village and collect the needed informations from the special institutions like area , the population of the village ,the amount of water supplied and the amount of water demand . Then we operated a questionnaire include a 20 question distributed randomly to 30 family to know the problems of the water network and how the water distributed and the percent of water uses for animals and agriculture then we analyzed and studied the results of the questionnaire to use it . After we collected all the needed informations and inputs we analyzed the water network by using WaterCAD & GIS programs to see the results which includes some problems in the water network  . After we analyzed the water network and to found a solution for the problems we redesign the water network for the next 30 years and estimate the cost . Design a sewer network for about 60% of the village by using SewerCAD & GIS programs , the waste water will transport to the waste water treatment plant in the village .   
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