Cellular Load Balance Analysis

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hamdieh, Jinan
khalili, Mahar
jaber, Ward
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Our graduation project name is “Cellular Load Balance Analysis”, where we present our practical work in the cellular capacity demands, in order to provide subscriber good quality of services and to reduce energy consumption in the whole cellular system, all of these led us to use several algorithms. In our project we will discuss two of these algorithms which are BTS Power Saving in 2G and the Cell breathing in 3G, also we will simulate the cell breathing concept using Matlab and we will show our real practical results that we got from the field. the first one simply means turning off and on the TRXs or the whole site depending on the traffic load on the base station, and the second one basically means shrinking in or expanding out of the cell also depending on the traffic load, at end we achieved the desired goals in both algorithms, such that, in 2G we were able to reduce the consumed power by the BTS as the results we reduced the OPEX, also the interference level between cells and base stations is decreased and finally the quality of service stayed unaffected. In 3G, we achieved the power reduction but when comparing it to the BTS power saving in 2G it’s relatively low yet the basic purpose was accomplished which is the customer satisfaction, in addition we reduced the cost by two ways which will be discussed in details later.