Lime Enhanced properties of clay bricks as a green building material

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Khaled Jamal Abu Haweila
Ahmad Mostafa Hanhan
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The concrete hollow blocks have traditionally been used as construction material in Palestine, giving people the wherewithal to construct building and keep themselves safe. Nowadays, there are is a trend in whole world to use the clay in construction as a sustainable material since production of cement required a lot of energy and rejecting large quantities of CO2 in the atmosphere. The production of cement in 2005 accounted for around 7% of CO2 world emission. The production of sun dried clay bricks with the incorporation of additives is a positive way for the brick industry to contribute to a more sustainable construction materials. the main purpose of the study improving clay bricks  enhancing lime as a main additive , then studying the effect of some materials added to the design mortar ( lime , sand and clay ) such as wood ash, iron powder and black carbon . Then studying the effect of curing under CO2 (Carbonation process under different variables such as temperature, pressure, CO2 concentration) and studying the effect of activated clay by temperature with lime (Pozzolance) enhancing sodium hydroxide on the properties of clay bricks. The results show that the addition of lime Ca(OH)2 with clay increased the compressive strength also, when adding the lime to activated clay ( Pozzolance ) in the presence of NaOH then cured under pressurized CO2 the strength increased dramatically . The results also showed that the strength doesnt increase by adding more lime, it stops at certain percent addition. The optimal properties of clay brick were found at 15% content of lime, activated temperature at 650C0,4M NaOH  with 15% sand by weight. The results also implied that it is possible to make bricks with compressive strength of 8 MPa and water absorption of 20 %.
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