Shopping for the blind

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Khaled, kayed
Mostafa, aalsher
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Our project is a system that can blind shopping without the need to help, as the product names be stored on RFID chips , and the blind using a device to read the products and taking them out in the form of voice, and as a person can enter the names of the products through a microphone to be alerted when passing beside it. The aspects of this project are : Identify the product: where the blind can hear the product names when passing beside it. Quick Search for Products: where the blind enter the product names which he want buy by microphone and the device alert him when passing beside it. The objectives of this project is to give a blind person shopping fun and to facilitate his search for products and especially in large malls . We are planning to use Arduino Kit , mp3 player , microphone, speaker processing , memory, RFID, RFID Reader and all needed electronic components.