Solar concentrator with thermochemical cycle for energy storage

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Hilal, Adnan
Isleem, Hanan
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Around the world there are many solar energy systems like photovoltaic systems, solar concentrating systems and many more systems, but the low efficiency, storage and low amount of solar density are still of the main challenges faced in these systems. The idea of our project is about how to improve the use of solar energy in solar thermal systems. We made a solar thermal concentrator using lenses. The system consists of a flat plate glass that has a number of fitted lenses in term of increasing the surface area, this glass was placed on a wooden box with a black plate of aluminum in the inner side, where the temperature measurements took place. A comparative experiment was done to compare between our flat plate with lenses and the conventional glass plate, the glass with lenses reached 90ºC while the normal glass reached 57ºC only. The produced plate gave us temperatures in a shorter time than the conventional normal one. To apply this system in an practical way, we dried 50 g of Sodium Sulfate Decahydrate to extract water from it and we succeeded by 52% water extraction.