Investigation and Design of Quarries

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Sabrin Rabaya
Ola Bakeer
Saif Alawneh
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Quarries are very important since their products are used in many structures, such as, roads, airports, schools, buildings, and many thing else that needs crushing stone. In addition to that, Palestine has large numbers of quarries and crunchers that make this issue of vast significant. Quarry is a large deposit of rocks such as granite, limestone etc., that is extracted for using  in construction projects, quarries and can be found all over the world, and most contain a large proportion of a particular type of rock such as marble, limestone , slate, or gypsum. In many countries, the word quarry is used interchangeably for the two types of quarry: the gravel pits, which are extracted gravel particles, and dimension stone quarries, which are extracted large parts of the sheet of rock for using construction. Dimension stone is used to make the tiles, counters, ceilings, and other projects that require large blocks of stone uniform. Importance of the Project         The work in this project will assess the existing conditions of quarries and crushers at Palestine. It will emphasize on studying the specifications quarries and crushers, such as the study of the safety, environmental, health and economic requirements, etc.). This project will also compare the existing conditions of quarries in Palestine to the international standards.