School Bus Tracking System

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Abusair, Saja
Khuffash, Haya
Shbak, Walaa
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Many of Student need a bus service to move between homes and schools in every day, so safer and accurate transportation of school children has been a critical issue. The beauty of the School Bus Tracking System is that parents know if their son is entering the bus and at what time that happened. Parents and their sons will know where the bus is. for parents, all this information can be accessed whether they are at home or at work. On the other hand, the parents can receive information about the vehicle's current location and the expected time to reach the point of descent. School authorities benefit from buses with tracking service in several ways to reduce fuel costs, because in this system parents can tell the bus in advance that the child will be absent. The importance of children's safety until they reach their homes is an issue that is not disputed. With the help of this service, the bus can also determine which is student by reading the ID of the student, using an available microcontroller