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Alaa Awartani
Yazan Arafat
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Our graduation project, Logica, is a platform in a shape of game that allows absolutely anyone with basic knowledge in computers to make fascinating programmed systems without having to struggle with coding or any sort of written programming.We took advantage of the visual programming concepts to develop this platform. Users will have the ability to drag and drop objects and connect them together to come up with a programmed system from scratch, these objects visually represent logical programming operations such as iterations, and conditional statements. When done with visually programming the system, the user will be able torun his program and see the effects on a virtual environment inside Logica. For instance, users could program any object such as a car to move forward/backward a number of times using the concept of iterations, and when the module is programmed, the user will be directed to the virtual environment to see a car moving three steps forward, as he designed.Also, we designed few helping techniques which aim to help users understand the concepts and the platform elements. In addition to that, we have an audio system that reads everything to make it clear to the user, as well as a powerful tutorialsystem. In addition to that, Logica is not only portable since it runs on most of the PC, Tablets, and mobile phone operating systems, but also scalable since it was programmed in a way that makes it easily adapt to any changes or upgrades we desire to add in future.