Hotel Redesign

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Ramzi osama Demyati
Angham Abd Aldaim
Alaa Ibrahim Turkman
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Palestine is considered one of the richest countries that contain the tourist places, there are historical landmarks and cultural that attracts tourists from all over the world, and which need to be a network of hotels to keep the tourism sector and progress. Nablus which located at the north of  Palestine with a unique topography between two mountains Eibal & Gerizim. It was considered as the economical capital city of Palestine, due to the ancient city which contains Roman Theaters, Mosques and other old buildings. As a result it became an attractive point for tourists and historical explorers. Due to the huge growth of population and tourism in the last years, large economical movements were observed in Nablus. Moreover, projects such as hotels, coffee shops and restaurants, parks, recreational areas and others are considered of the good investments. The main idea of this project is to design an integrated hotel and take advantage of previous problems that have appeared in the designs of some hotels, or those that appeared in the operation phase and to overcome them. In this project, the focus has been on environmentally friendly technologies in order to improve the quality of life as well as aspects of architectural and structural and mechanical. In addition to the previous things you must consider the beautiful external view of the building without affecting the internal functions. In addition to the tourists who come from outside Palestine and local travelers, there are those who need to hotels because of the occupation and what is caused by the blockade of the cities, some of those who can't return to their homes they will resort to go hotels. From   here   emerged   the   need   to   constructing   a hotel   is   enough   for   these   guests. Also this project aims to improve the economy and the project contributes to employ many employees and reduce the unemployment rate. This graduation project is oriented to re-design a hotel which satisfies visitors, tourists and investors needs, but the most important thing is to secure a comfortable and attractive place to customers. Our project emphasize on most of engineering aspects including architectural aspect literature review has been used for searching for architectural spaces required in the project, their own area and the relationships with each other and choose the suitable with the nature of the project and then design using some software like AutoCAD and Revit. Structural aspect will use the codes of the construction such as ACI 318-2008 to determine the necessary types of construction elements and loads, then they has been analyzed and designed using some software like SAP2000-14 and E-tabs, in this project it has been focused on the environmental aspect, literature review has been used for searching about suitable solution to take advantage of natural energy as much as possible and try to make the building environmentally friendly and the relationship between hotel and the surrounding environment has been analyzed and the design process using Ecotect to solar design and acoustical systems, in the Mechanical and HVAC systems, literature review has been used for searching for the best solutions in order to create a system that suites the type of facility, then Revit program has been used for design, electric aspect has been analyzed and researched in order to avoid conflict with aspects of structural and mechanical, lighting system  has been  designed  using DIAlux411 .and the project  has been designed for fire safety using fire alarms, finally taking advantage of problems in previous projects.