atmospheric water generator

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Ahmad Abu Alia
Ahmad Kmail
Majdi Awwad
Mohammad Shqaiqat
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      The water shortages is expected in this region requires us to search for new sources of fresh water either be from atmospheric air or by water desalination but the use of Desalination Technology requires a water source salty and need a high cost, but for the extraction of fresh water from atmospheric air it can be applied anywhere on the surface of the earth has the moisture, and has been proven that the atmosphere is huge and renewable source of water, and that this source is not expensive and also helps to reduce the proportion of moisture.       In this sense, our project is based on the design of a device that is to absorb moisture from the atmosphere to extract pure water drinkable; this device also helps to reduce the percentage of moisture in the air which constitutes an obstacle to most people.      The working principle of this device is the absorption and intake air through the holes, and then passes the air on a candidate runs on clean of dust and harmful substances, after which it is to intensify the air, making it water, then passes several operations of filtering and cooling to become pure cold water and drinkable.      In this project many topics will be covered starting of how this device works, main components, then we will explain how to design the device and materials needed to manufacture it, and how to connect to each other, which will help to bring to reality, and finally we will study how to operate the device either through electricity or through sources of energy (sun, air, fuel, etc.).       Also note that this project has been studied before, is been known for a long time, but after the resistant and chronicle of the water problem, increased focus, and the payment of German engineer Hubert to discover how the design of this device, and then establish a private company so named (Aqua Society).. And who designed the device also is a Canadian Jonathan Ritchie, where he designed device called watermill.