Water and Wastewater Distribution network for ajram area

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SAlman Khatib
Ghaleb awada
Mohammad ZaqQa
Bara Salah
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Due to the increase in population in Ajram area in Nablus city, the existing wastewater collection network cannot satisfy the increasing waste water produced. This situation has compiled the dire need to design a new wastewater collection network given the rapid population increase. In addition, and due to the lack of sanitation system in the area, and the consequent environmental impacts, it is important to halt the ongoing environmental crises in this area fast. The important points to cover in this project is to provide a sufficient waste water disposal for the given demand at the minimum construction cost and maximum efficiency, the network is designed to cover a period of 20 years. The proposed sewer networks will be designed under different conditions and scenarios. The most efficient design is to be selected based on cost and design criteria. To achieve the proposed objectives, the required data were collected from different sources among which Nablus municipality. For instant, GIS data (e.g. contour map, road network, and houses distribution) were obtained and processed. SewerCAD is to be utilized to design both water and sewer systems, respectively.