Gardenizer - Smart garden system

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Amr Abdul Salam
Moayad Abu Zaroor
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We have seen that many people who own agricultural lands far from their homes have difficulty taking care of these lands and do not insure strangers to enter their properties in addition to people who travel and own crops that need to be taken care of. Therefore, we will create a system that takes care of the crops and enables the user to control many things remotely without having to reach the place of the plants and also to fill the water tanks without the need of the owner to be present by controlling it with iot system that enables the user to control the system remotely. This project makes it easier for the owner to take care of the crops, in addition to saving the cost of labor. It also aims for continuously monitoring all the farms remotely and finally keeps the farms or houses more secured . First we’ll design a farm with many types of plants each plant will have a humidity sensor , water hose , water pump and a water ratiometer sensor in the water tanks to measure the ratio of water and when it’s under 20 % send a text message for the water truck owner to provide water immediately for the tanks. Also we are looking to add a way for fertilizing the plants remotely using the IOT modules and finally we are thinking of adding a light source for some plants to do the photosynthesis. locally there is no similar project but globally there are similar projects but they don’t have a system to call the water truck for water supply, in addition to the process of adding fertilizer automatically.