Redesign of QUSRA Boys and Grails Elementary school

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Melhem, Bilal
Sawalmeah, Islam
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Since ancient times, Education is the basis of the renaissance and development of the nation so it was necessary to find and build educational institutions to teach science where the school is one of the most important institutions. An Elementary school design will be proposed through this project where this design integrates between all the disciplines and different systems in the building are architectural and structural aspects and electromechanical systems as well as highlighting the environmental aspect, through the exploitation of natural energy sources such as the use of the sun in natural lighting and photovoltaic (PV) system for Example, and exploit rainwater to be used in different ways in the building. It is noticeable the apparent lack of design requirements for existing schools and their adoption of traditional styles in design, which is reflected in the teaching methods. Therefore, a good design should be provided to ensure a suitable and comfortable school environment for the students. Certainly, this goal will be reached through detailed research including looking for in literature review and analyzing a case study of Qusra Elementary School from all aspects as well as site analysis and taking some measurements, thus identifying weaknesses and strengths of the design. At the end of this part of the project, we expect to create fertile ground and provide feedback to be used in the re-design, In addition to the start of the process of redesign in the architectural aspect and part of the structural design where the basic lines such as the proposal of the structural system used and the modeling of the building also make checks in preparation for the design process, including full details and calculations, which will be in the second part of the project In addition to design of the rest of the systems.