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Hamza Johari
Mosab Ordonya
Hisham Khanfa
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This project was conducted to build a machine, which simulates two environmental conditions; Humidity and Temperature, called Climate chamber. Hence, what is the climate chamber and what its applications?  Climate chamber, as the name indicates, a cabinet or a chamber that modulates many cases of storing, working and calibrating conditions for many products such as measurement systems, electronic equipment and drags.   The concept of this equipment is, when the user enters the needed condition by adjusting the Temperature and Humidity options, a control system works by increasing or decreasing the temperature and the humidity until the required condition satisfied. Using a secured feedback system, the condition in the chamber will be achieved and maintained until another order comes from the user.   In this project there are many aspects covered. In the first hand, the mechanical approach appears in the Main frame, the Isolation system to prevent temperature lose and the Heating-cooling systems. In the second hand, the computer approach covered by using sophisticated system based on using modern techniques of interfacing between user and machine. In the third hand, the control part covered by using control and feedback system to get the best results.   However, from the previous ideas working was started by simulating the expected shape of the machine by using 3D designing program, and then the required parts were got and the non-available parts were produced, finally assembling the whole system. There are many applications for the Climate chamber, for example; when a company tries to produce a new product such as measurement system or even a computer system, they will test it under special conditions of Temperature and Humidity to find how the Interfering input affects the efficiency and performance of the equipment and to find the best operating conditions, through this machine the manufacturing company states the recommended operating condition Operating condition from -5 to +55. Moreover, it can be used in finding the best storing condition of foods and drags; they test the product in many conditions through this machine then they choose the best one, Stored in Cold and Dry Condition.       A climate chamber is an enclosure used to test the effects of specified environmental conditions on biological items, industrial products, materials, and electronic devices and components.Such a chamber can be used:1.   as a stand-alone test for environmental effects on test specimens2.   as preparation of test specimens for further physical tests or chemical tests3.   as environmental conditions for conducting testing of specimens    A climate test chamber artificially replicates the conditions under which machinery, materials, devices or components might be exposed. It is also used to accelerate the effects of exposure to the environment, sometimes at conditions not actually expected.These conditions may include:         extreme temperatures         sudden and extreme temperature variations         moisture or relative humidity         electrodynamics vibrations         electromagnetic radiation         salt spray         rain         weathering         exposure to sun, causing UV degradation         vacuum   Manufactured samples, specimens, or components are placed inside the chamber and subjected to one or more of these environmental parameters to determine reliability or measure after-effects such as corrosion. In the case of machinery such as internal combustion engines, byproducts such as emissions are monitored.    An environmental chamber can be a small room used both to condition test specimens and to conduct the test. It can be a smaller unit that's used for conditioning test items. Also, some chambers are small enough to be placed onto a universal testing machine or other test apparatus.    Many chambers are set at a certain set of conditions. Others can be programed to cycle through specified sequences of conditions.   There are many applications on climate chamber such that:          Aerospace         Automotive         Biotechnology         Defense         Electronics         Energy         Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics          Mobile Clean Rooms