Redesign of Nablus Municipality Building

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Ghannam, Maram
Hasan Ali, Shahd
Qashoo’, Shahd
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In this project (Graduation Project), we present a redesign of a municipal building in the city of Nablus in order to achieve integration between the various architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines, etc. and verify its compatibility with environmental standards. First chapters contain an analysis of the municipality’s site in all respects, determine its pros and cons, and work to reduce the impact of the site’s negatives on the design. Some modifications were made to the building facades by adding vertical and inclined louvers on eastern and western façade, as well as horizontal on the southern façade, and the result was energy-saving building. Full analysis of the architectural design also presented for compliance with international codes and standards. The necessary corrections and additions were made and clarified with the plans. All structural elements in the building were also designed, as the building was structurally divided into three blocks. Solid slab was used on the basements floors with a thickness of 30cm and the ribbed slab was used on the upper floors with a thickness of 35cm, after the seismic analysis and design, shear walls were added to support the building and increase its seismic resistance. Finally, all the activities that make up the project were collected and detailed in terms of quantities and costs, and a tabular cost breakdown structure was prepared. During our work we will take several codes and specifications into account when carrying out the design process. Also, we will employ several programs to help us in this, including the programs such as, AutoCAD, Revit, DIALUX, Design builder and ETABS.