Hey Taxi

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Ahmad Rayyan
Noor Azab
Laith Mahameed
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The idea of the project is to supply an application to the customers it will be installed on the phones by (android) system, and the application allows the customers to get there needs (access the taxi to them) easily, and it provide money and time for both sides, which they are from the most important things for companies. After installing the application on the customers phones they can use it to catch a taxi, then the application will look for the nearest taxi to the customer location then it will tell the customer about the taxi and the drivers informations ( the name, phone number, time to reach him) then it ask the customer if he still needs the taxi, and if he said yes the application will send notification to the taxi driver which has the customers informations (the name, phone number, location- static, GPS -). And the application has a web site which  afford a full control to the director on the taxi drivers and there orders, and see the customers orders, and the director can add/remove a taxi driver. The web site offers line graph which shows the workflow monthly/daily as the director needs.
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