Solving Traffic Problems at the Vicinity of An Najah National University New Campus

dc.contributor.advisorSameer Abu Eisheh
dc.contributor.authorMohammad Anan Jermi
dc.contributor.authorYacob Youssef Abu-Hantash
dc.contributor.authorShaher Joma Anan
dc.description.abstract Nablus, as one of the largest cities and which is considered the economic capital of the West Bank, faces a major problem of traffic congestion because of the huge numbers of its population, in addition to the added numbers of people who come to the city and use the varied modes of transportation within its limits. A large number of these people are students in An- Najah National University, divided between the old and the new campuses. The main road to the new campus is Rafidia street, which is a part of the high way that connects the city of Nablus with the city of Qalqilya. So the street is used by students, locals, taxis and shared taxis, buses, shuttles that travel between the two cities, trucks as well as other vehicles and pedestrians, and this leads to huge traffic congestion which can be clearly noticed at the gates of the new campus of An- Najah National University. With students coming to the New Campus, leaving the New Campus or traveling between the Old and New Campus, as well as the other people using the street there is no escaping the situation. This study aims to shed light on the problem, find the causes, reduce its effects, and hope to be able to find some solutions to ensure the pedestrian's safety, and facilitate their flow along and their crossing of the highway. To obtain its objective, the study depend on collecting data from the site, visiting institutions which are thought to be relevant to the research, conducting other studies: determining traffic volumes and vehicles classification to count vehicles and calculate peak hour, Parking study to determine the on street and off street parking lots, and if they are sufficient or not, pedestrian study to check pedestrian facilities , origin and destination study to determine the flow of vehicles , Public transportation study to find headways and frequency of loads. The results of this study may aid the attempts to solve the problem of the traffic congestion at the gates of the New Campus. en
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dc.titleSolving Traffic Problems at the Vicinity of An Najah National University New Campusen
dc.titleSolving Traffic Problems at the Vicinity of An Najah National University New Campusar
dc.typeGraduation Project
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