Al-Bathan Tourist resort

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Ihab T. Toma
Mohamad S. Jaradat
Taher N. Jayyousi
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Al-Bathan Tourist resort is located in al-Bathan Village. This location is selectedin order to improve the activity and economy for this region, and to be away from thenoise and away from routine of the city since that the project is located in a rural quitenice region.The project consists of seven floors and gardens contain Playgrounds, green areasand swimming pool with a total area about 80000 m2.The first floor is the sixth basement, the area of this floor 2300 m2, and containhotel Rooms and office serves room. The fifth and forth basement is approximately thesame as the sixth basement, the third basement has an area of 2100 m2, and contain themain kitchen, gem hall, restaurant, stores and the health center with two swimming pool,the second basement has an area of 2100 m2, and contain health center and restaurant, theground floor and the first basement floor have an area of 1100 m2 for each floor andcontain reception hall, room service and restaurant.This project has many benefits:It has all types of structures (reinforced concrete, steel structures and waterstructures), economical purposes, improve region's economy and activities, andEntrainment facility to serve large number of people.In this project, we did not have any structural drawings or detailing only we hadarchitectural plans, so we have to determine the dimensions and the location of allstructural elements, and at the end of the project we will produce the final detailing forthe project.The structure will be analyzed and designed for static and dynamic loads, manualmethods will be used (generally in preliminary design) and software as Sap 2000 andSafe (generally in final design and details), and all of the required civil plans required forthe execution will be ready.
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